We make art history fun again!

We make art history fun again!

Join our Art Club (Coming Soon in 2023).

We are like a book club but for paintings. Every month we dive deep into a conversation on four paintings that we carefully pick to discuss. The result is that we all learn something new and unique about art history.

  • This community is unique because there are few blogs focused on conversations around paintings.

  • You will have a chance to uncover art facts about the artist and their paintings.

  • You will get a chance to see how the artwork impacts other people in the community.

  • You will be able to build deep relationships with other community members based on a shared interest.

  • The comment section is where all the action is taking place. We believe that most people learn about a topic from what others are saying in the comments section.

  • You will get a structured learning experience.

  • We discuss two new paintings each week in detail.

We are focused on having fun discussions and adding some playful humor into the mix. We also make sure that everyone's opinion matters and everyone is polite to each other.

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Art is an incredible way to start your day. It can inspire you, help you gain perspective, and change your mood. But with 8 hours of sleep every night, there's no time for museum visits or even art class. So we've curated a daily email of a curated selection of famous painters that will start your day off right.

Why subscribe?

Why subscribe?

We have a lot of plans in place for making this art community special. We are fully committed to ensuring that our blog offers a unique learning experience through our curated discussions.

Art Club

  • Free members will be able to participate in discussing four paintings each month in our art club.

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License of Artwork

License of Artwork

All artwork on our website is in the Public Domain. If you find an image on our website that infringes upon an artist’s right then please send us a take down request.