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Daily Art

The shared history of our human civilization has created significant artwork that inspires imagination, hope, and creativity. We curate select art pieces for our daily art newsletter with the single purpose of learning from each other about the mysteries within each painting. The colors that an artist uses inspire different emotions. The subtle facial expressions and posture can give the intent the artist wants to convey about their subject. 

Every person has a unique insight when they look at a painting. Feelings and emotions drive these insights, allowing us to express ourselves through commentary with our words. When we bring all of our thoughts and comments about the artwork in one place, we now have a shared experience in learning. We can discuss our ideas, argue our reasoning, and help each other grow to make sense of the artist's view of the world through their paintings. 

Join the daily art community now to start expressing your emotions about art and learning from other like-minded people.

License of Artwork

Most of the artwork on our website is in the Public Domain. The artwork from the Artist Spotlight Newsletter is owned and copyrighted by the artist. The artist has given us permission to use their art to feature their work on our website. If you find an image on our website that infringes upon an artist’s rights then please send us a take down request at ricky @ artlegends.org.


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