Daily Art

We are working on building one of the most extensive catalogs of artworks from our human history here on Substack. You will be able to see the paintings of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Klimt, and others who have impacted our art world. We help you learn more about these historical paintings by sending you curated artwork daily to your inbox for free!

Landscape (1891) by Olof Sager-Nelson (Swedish, 1868–1896)
The Walrus (1861-1867) by Joseph Wolf (German, 1820-1899)
Pagan Dancer (ca. 1901) by Alice Pike Barney (American, 1857–1931)
Rising Spring by Byam Shaw (English, 1872 - 1919)
A scene at dusk in Venice (1903) by Oswald Achenbach (German, 1827 - 1905)
Karneval am Markusplatz in Venedig bei Nacht (1887) by Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, 1831–1904)
Jurisprudence. Allegorical Figure (1800) by Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (Danish, 1743-1809)
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